About Us

Founded on fun

New Zealanders crave adventure. Adrenaline-fuelled activities are part of the Kiwi culture, along with the unnerving love of travel and exploration, both on land and on water.

This love of the great outdoors led to the creation of the Feelfree brand in New Zealand in the late 1990s. And, a new generation of high performance kayaks became the first products to bear the Feelfree name.

With the country also being one of the rainiest places on earth, we also understood the importance of keeping valuables dry both in and out of the water. So Feelfree Gear soon followed; fashionable, fun and functional waterproof bags that stay true to the Kiwi sense of adventure.

Functionality takes over

If you think New Zealand's wet, Thailand is in a different league. Monsoon season lasts from May to November. And if anybody knows how to keep stuff dry, it's the Thais. So our base in Bangkok is the perfect place for Feelfree Gear to be tested and manufactured.

Thailand has a rich manufacturing history and the Buddhist way of life is one of morals and wisdom. This shows in the quality of our bags, which are made to the highest international standards using a uniquely soft-yet-tough tarp.

It's this blend of Kiwi adventure and exploration and Thai craftsmanship, high quality manufacturing and knack of keeping things dry that sets Feelfree Gear apart from every other brand on the market. Where others offer a handful of waterproof bags as part of a wider catalogue, we focus on nothing else. And we're proud to be the experts.

A global lifestyle brand

Our range of cool designs and vivid colors were originally designed for wet weather and extreme water sports enthusiasts, but are now also a huge hit with marine, sail sports, hiking, cycling, snow sports and adventure travel fans as well as being ideal for day-to-day use where wet gear could ruin a great day.

And what began life as waterproof gear have now blossomed into the go-to bags for fashion, fun and function in any climate.

Unique waterproof fabric

Unlike other laminated bags on the market, Feelfree Gear is made from our signature super-strong tarpaulin that we created by impregnating a specially-formulated PVC waterproof coating into our fabric. This gives our bags a softer feel, more strength and a better resistance to abrasion. And, quite simply, it's impossible for our fabric to delaminate. Ever.

Many extra defences

Each of our bags comes with a range of additional features to keep moisture out and keep your stuff safe. There's everything from High Frequency welded seams and waterproof roll top closures to strong quality stitching. Plus rainproof zips and quick-dry padding ensure your bag doesn't stay wet for long.

Less impact on the environment

Feelfree Gear's unique waterproof fabric is longer lasting than both laminated or PVC free fabrics giving a longer lifecycle plus removing toxins prior to manufacturing means our bags are ultimately friendlier to the planet.